Hiring a professional tree service to care for your trees in your San Diego, California yard is always a solid choice; especially if you’re not a tree expert yourself. While many people assume that tree care involves only simple manual labor, it is important to understand that a lot of skill and experience goes into offering professional tree services – and this is something most San Diego homeowners rarely have.

all-clear-tree-serviceBut, it is critical to understand that even with the wide variety of tree service companies in the San Diego County area, the industry does have its fair share of fly-by-night shops, dubious operators and companies that produce questionable results. By taking the time to ensure you are dealing with legitimate professionals, you not only protect your yard, you also get the best value for your money.

Is That Tree Care Company Legitimate?

Now that you have made the important decision to hire an expert tree services company, you definitely don’t want to mistakenly hire somebody who just bought a used chainsaw and put an ad in the newspaper claiming that they are “experts”. Remember that tree work is extremely risky and dangerous, and requires that the tree professionals are not only well trained and experienced, but have the best safety and rigging gear possible. Always ensure you request a copy of the company’s business licence. This can make a major difference for you.

One of the most critical things to do whenever you’re dealing with a San Diego CA tree company is to make sure that they have current liability and worker’s compensation insurance. You can easily spot an authentic copy, as it will be sent directly from the tree company’s insurance company.

The reason why the proper insurance is so important is that you may be held liable if an accident occurs. Not only does this mean that you will pay for any injuries, but also for any repairs to your San Diego home! Remember also that in order to get business insurance, a company needs a business license, so if they don’t have insurance, they may not even be a real company!

What Are Their Prices Like?

If you have received an estimate and the prices seem too good to be true, they probably are. While it makes sense to always want to find the cheapest deal, a San Diego arborist that offers extremely low pricing is likely to lack insurance, experience or certification, or perhaps all of the above! It’s also possible that they have no intention of finishing the project completely.

Meanwhile, there are some tree services that ask for prices that are way too high for the San Diego market. If you are not sure about how pricing works in the area, getting an estimate from three or more companies can give you an excellent idea of what to look for. Get all of your estimates in writing to ensure nothing changes unexpectedly.

When you’re looking at your estimates from various companies, it is important that you are comparing apples-to-apples. Ensure that the services you are seeing estimated are matching between competitors. An example might be that a tree removal contractor that removes a tree in small sections will likely be more expensive than one that simply fells the tree all at once.

Remember, though, that felling a tree is riskier, and can damage your property if the provider is inexperienced. This is why felling a tree is usually cheaper.

The Scams Are Out There: Avoid Them!

The very easiest way to avoid a scam is simply to not pay until the work is complete. And by that, we mean complete TO YOUR SATISFACTION. There have been a variety of situations where San Diego property owners pay for a project upfront, only to never hear from the company again. Let’s face it: tree services require no materials to be purchased up front – why should a professional require money before the job begins?

The door-to-door contractor is also a must to avoid. These are typically predators and con artists that prey on homeowners, with a particular focus on seniors. These door-to-door scammers are particularly present after natural disasters such as heavy rainfalls, earthquakes or flooding. This is because tree services typically face higher demand for emergency tree trimming and removal services during these difficult periods.

Remember that it never hurts to get a second opinion, especially if someone has approached you to sell you tree services.

The All Clear Difference

Tree surgery can be performed with superior safety and efficiency if it’s done by a well equipped, professional tree service provider. All Clear Tree Service is a team of tree care specialists that has made a name for itself by consistently providing cost-effective and professional services to San Diego CA property owners.

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