Well Blow Me Down: Trees Everywhere

It’s no secret that the weather has seriously sucked in the last few months. We’ve had excessive rains and strong winds which are in stark contrast to the drought that was wearing on us. Thanks to the high winds we’ve been seeing more and more trees knocked down into roads and onto houses. It’s definitely becoming a mess out there. This weather has done a number on our homes and our roads. Hopefully there is a break in the clouds…

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Who Turned Out The Lights? Storms and Trees Gang Up

It seems like all aspects of nature are in cahoots with each other. These wicked storms are sure to be fraying everyone’s nerves while giving us that much needed rain. The problem comes when evil storms take advantage of already weakened trees to wreak havoc on our lives. Strong winds and heavy rainfall are the harbingers of doom for many of our suffering trees. If you remember the drought we had, a lot of trees were weakened by such weather.…

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Giving Trees Vaccinations: Will it Work?

Most human beings get vaccinated against deadly diseases. It’s taken a lot of scientific research, trial, and error to find what works with our bodies to make sure we don’t fall victim to these diseases. Even our pets get vaccinated from things like rabies and distemper. With the looming beetle infestation of our trees some researchers are contemplating the idea of shots for trees: UC Riverside‚Äôs Akif Eskalen pointed to a pattern of small holes in the bark of a…

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Bringing Down the Giants: Ficus in Trouble

Trees are nature’s giants. Second only to mountains, there is nothing on this planet that can grow larger than some trees. A tree can stand the test of time and keep the secrets of what they’ve experienced locked away in their rings. Trees provide homes for wildlife and we still depend on them for our own lumber and paper needs. These mighty giants help purify the air we breathe and bring a little bit of life into otherwise dull and…

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Who Ordered The Rain In San Diego?

With no reprieve in sight for all the rain we’re getting here in San Diego, damage is sure to follow. There can definitely be too much of a good thing and the rain doesn’t show signs of calming down. We already saw the loss of a local legend and things aren’t looking too hopeful for the rest of us. Those of you with trees on your properties need to brace yourself for the massive clean up this storm is going…

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Making History: Disappearing Trees

It might come as a surprise to some people that trees can live for hundreds, even thousands, of years. If you think about it, trees used to cover vast expanses of land until they were cleared so people could live or farm there. However, there are still trees here and there that have lived for hundreds of years. If they could talk, it would be interesting to hear what they have to say. There are times, however, when a tree…

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Holiday Cleanup: How Are Your Trees?

We got some wicked weather over the holiday that may have done more than just water your lawn. If you have trees on your property you may have looked out the window to see if the tree has given up and laid down in defeat. Of course, no tree is permanently defeated – sometimes it just needs a trim. We’re no strangers to the wind and rain here in San Diego. It’s important to regularly review your property before and…

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Even The Mighty Fall

No matter how big you are, you can still fall. Trees are no stranger to toppling over thanks to weakened soil or raging winds. If you have trees on your property you want to make sure they they are well supported so that a sudden rainstorm or flash flood won’t tip them over: potentially into your house. Just as all beginnings must have an end, the ‘death’ of the Pioneer Cabin tree came as a shock to everyone: Fans are…

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Learning to Let Go: Removing Trees

Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They provide shelter, shade on those bright days, and for many animals they provide a home. While trees are the givers of fresh air, sometimes they need to say good-bye. Sometimes the trees can grow out of control and become a hazard; professional tree trimming is key for this. No matter how much attention you give them or how much you try to reign them in, they are in fact a force…

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Inspiration From Our Childhood: Dreams in a Tree

You mention the name Dr. Seuss and it’s basically guaranteed that people will know who you’re talking about. It’s hard to find someone who did not grow up with How The Grinch Stole Christmas or even The Cat in the Hat. After being made into a successful move, The Lorax has gained fame with a younger, fresher, generation. Would you be surprised to know that the inspiration for that story still stands, right here in San Diego? In 1937, a…

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