Is There an Arborculturist In The House?

Trees surround us in everything we do, everyday. Even if you don’t realize it, our lives are intertwined with trees. They purify our air, they provide food for us and they provide us with lumber to build our amazing buildings. They are even a part of the paper that we use every day. While there are some places on the planet where trees are becoming scarce, there are many places where trees line the streets and are hard to get…

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Beware of Christmas After-Burn

It’s almost that time of year! Many people, and maybe you’re one of them, have already put up their Christmas trees and decked their homes out in bright lights. Depending on how excited you are for Christmas you  might have had your tree up for weeks. Hopefully you waited until after Thanksgiving, but it’s understandable if you couldn’t wait. Christmas is just that exciting! As with everything exciting, there is something to be said about having a real tree over…

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Bring Out Your Dead: Trees That Is

When you live surrounded by, or even close to, nature you will often find yourself in a predicament. You don’t want to be Buddhist enough for bugs to freely come and go from your home.You’ve also got to think about what you’ll do if the trees you’re surrounded by end up dying. If you live in California you’ve got the very real concern about dead trees drying out and feeding the forest fires that have been sparked by the ongoing…

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Held Hostage by Trees

If you’ve been reading the news at all lately you’ll see that Hurricane Matthew is still dominating. This force of nature has been whipping through the country uprooting people, homes and trees alike. It’s no surprise with winds like what most states deal with that cities are bound to lose a few trees here and there. So far it’s estimated that Hurricane Matthew has caused $10 billion dollars worth of damage. Ten. Billion. Dollars. Not sure about you, but we think…

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Ghosts in the Wood

There’s something peaceful about walking through the empty woods on a crisp autumn day. Depending on where you live this might be something easily accessible. Perhaps you live near the heart of a mystical wood like in stories by Hans Christian Anderson. Or maybe you have to drive a bit to get to that secluded little patch of forest where hunters seldom roam. Whatever the case, there’s something to be said about walking through the woods, without interruptions, and allowing…

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Timber!! When Trees Attack

Picture this: you’re sitting at home, maybe enjoying a nice glass of wine by the fireplace. The television is tuned into some show you’re not even watching and the kids are sleeping soundly in bed. You’ve had a hectic week and all you want to do is relax. You finish your glass and start to doze on the couch when suddenly you’re interrupted by the rude reminder that Mother Nature isn’t in the mood. She only cares about what she needs. And…

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