Holiday Cleanup: How Are Your Trees?

We got some wicked weather over the holiday that may have done more than just water your lawn. If you have trees on your property you may have looked out the window to see if the tree has given up and laid down in defeat. Of course, no tree is permanently defeated – sometimes it just needs a trim. We’re no strangers to the wind and rain here in San Diego. It’s important to regularly review your property before and…

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Learning to Let Go: Removing Trees

Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. They provide shelter, shade on those bright days, and for many animals they provide a home. While trees are the givers of fresh air, sometimes they need to say good-bye. Sometimes the trees can grow out of control and become a hazard; professional tree trimming is key for this. No matter how much attention you give them or how much you try to reign them in, they are in fact a force…

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Inspiration From Our Childhood: Dreams in a Tree

You mention the name Dr. Seuss and it’s basically guaranteed that people will know who you’re talking about. It’s hard to find someone who did not grow up with How The Grinch Stole Christmas or even The Cat in the Hat. After being made into a successful move, The Lorax has gained fame with a younger, fresher, generation. Would you be surprised to know that the inspiration for that story still stands, right here in San Diego? In 1937, a…

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Let It Grow And Keep It Trimmed!

We can’t stress the importance of trees more. We need them in order to live. They purify our air, they provide us with lumber and they also provide us with food. While you need to make sure you are properly maintaining any trees on your property with trimming ( or even removal ( if they’ve died, it’s also important to plant new trees when you can. It’s been said that for every tree you cut down, you should plant two…

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He’s a Lumberjack and He’s Okay!

Whenever you think of forestry industries you think about the people who toil day after day to cut them down and process those trunks into paper, furniture or even houses. We’re speaking, of course, of the lumberjack/lumberjane. While this job probably isn’t something a lot of kids are aiming for in their final years of high school, it doesn’t mean that they no longer exist.  If you close your eyes and picture someone in this industry you most likely picture…

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