Many people have a tradition of planting a tree in their yard when someone is born. There are other life events that people will plant trees for; such as a marriage or a death of a loved one. A tree is supposed to be an ‘eternal’ remembrance of a person or event. People can get really attached to their trees, but sometimes the trees aren’t growing in an optimal way. Maybe they’re too big, bulky, or their roots are getting into things they shouldn’t. Sometimes the city will want to have a tree removed. When that happens, you need to make your voice heard:

A 91-year-old Allied Gardens woman has won a reprieve in her efforts to save a tree that is a beloved reminder of her late husband.

Marie Ostwald told 10News that she was willing to stand in front of the tree that she and her husband planted nearly 60 years ago until Mayor Kevin Faulconer steps in.

On Sunday, Ostwald took to Facebook to ask other moms to help her.

“I just wanted a tree there, and it survived this long and I don’t know why they want to yank it up,” she said of the tree on Mission Gorge Road.

Faulconer posted the following message to Ostwald on community website Nextdoor on Monday morning:

Marie Ostwald, a 91-year-old Allied Gardens resident asked the city to help her save a tree she and her late husband planted nearly 60 years ago. The roots from the tree were cracking the adjacent sidewalk and some of its root system had to be removed in order to make repairs. However, the City is pausing plans to remove the tree in its entirety. Staff will ask a second arborist to review the tree’s stability to determine if there is any risk of the tree falling.

Mrs. Ostwald, I want you to know that we heard you. Happy Mother’s Day.
Ostwald watched the tree grow right alongside her family, but the tree has grown too big and has caused several problems.


In this case, the tree is safe, for the moment. It’s important if you have trees like this on your property that you take care of them. Tree health is important. This means regular trimming, watering and testing to make sure the tree isn’t carrying a disease or that the roots haven’t wound their way into your pipes. The larger a tree grows the more hazardous it can be for the average person to attempt to trim the branches. That’s where we come in. Our trimming service has professionals who care about trees and want them looking good and being safe: