We may think that all is well in our own little bubble but when you look around you, you can see that much has changed in the world and it is not always for the better. Tall skyscrapers are everywhere. They are proof of engineering and technological advancements however they may also pose a big risk in the face of calamities. Our carbon footprint increases as we continue to rely on technology in our daily life.

The only way for the human race to survive and prevent further environmental deterioration, both big and small lifestyle changes must be made for the sake of the humanity and the world. A little inconvenience in doing things manually won’t hurt us that much. It’s even an excellent form of exercise, a welcome change from our increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

There’s been a lot of concern recently over the use of pesticides in our homes and gardens, and now a new group in Pacific Grove is taking action and pushing the issue forward.

Non Toxic Pacific Grove formed earlier this year to call attention to pesticide use and to help people and government agencies to look for ways to use less, or none at all.

This subgroup of Sustainable Pacific Grove was among the organizers of the rally this past week at the city’s Monarch Sanctuary in an effort to draw attention to the harmful effects of pesticides on pollinators like bees and butterflies.

But NTPG is also concerned about the effects on humans — in particular, children whose development could potentially be harmed by use of pesticides in schools and parks. That’s why they’re putting special emphasis on creating pesticide-free landscaping and lawns.

The overall message, according to co-organizer Cathy Wooten, is that the fewer pesticides and hazardous chemicals that are around, the better. And Pacific Grove is by no means alone in spreading this gospel — similar groups have sprung up around the country, including Non Toxic Santa Cruz and many others just in California.

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Spring has come and we can hear the bees buzzing out and about, forever in pursuit of honey. What many of us don’t see is that pollination is also at work as these bees go back and forth from one flower to another. They ensure the survival of everyone on land for years to come. And we humans too should adopt a sustainable lifestyle for our survival.

Essentially, “sustainable living” defines a lifestyle that attempts to cut an individual’s and on a larger scale, the society’s dependence on the earth’s natural resources.  A huge part of this type of living involves understanding how natural systems function, and the need for the ecology to stay in balance. Jared Diamond, in his book, Collapse: How Complex Societies Choose to Fail or Survive, talks about how several civilizations have fallen as an aftermath of damaging its environment. It is estimated that currently we use about 40{423f907058a0277fb0318ca45753640366c3d8096e43c2275d4149671d48e938} more resources every year than we can put back. This needs to change, but how?

The crux of sustainability lies in accepting that our modern way of life puts a strain on natural resources and that we must figure out ways in which we can progress while ensuring that our actions and consumption habits do not jeopardize the needs of the future generations.

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The world’s resources are finite. While we continue to enjoy what the world has to offer now, will there be enough left for future generations? Even trees have been reduced to more than just half of what it used to be because of rapid urbanization and rainforests are converted for agricultural purposes. Instead of cutting trees, we should actually be planting more.

However, tree removal is considered if the presence of a tree is proving to be harmful to the people. It happens when someone plants a tree in an urban location not knowing how big it can get upon maturity. When that happens, call on a professional for help since cutting down trees may be a bit tricky and dangerous if done in a crowded space. Ask the help of https://www.allcleartree.com/removal and they’d gladly do the job for you. However, as much as possible, let trees live if they aren’t posing any threat to anyone because we need more trees now that ever.