Picture this: you’re sitting at home, maybe enjoying a nice glass of wine by the fireplace. The television is tuned into some show you’re not even watching and the kids are sleeping soundly in bed. You’ve had a hectic week and all you want to do istree-in-house relax. You finish your glass and start to doze on the couch when suddenly you’re interrupted by the rude reminder that Mother Nature isn’t in the mood. She only cares about what she needs. And what she needs to do right now is to smash a tree into your house.

Sounds a little ridiculous, doesn’t it? Were you asking to have your house destroyed  by a tree? Probably not. Does Mother Nature care? No, not really. She enjoys throwing a wrench in most people’s plans and will do so in whatever way she can. This is why a good tree removal service can save the day. This also might be something that you’ve only seen on television in movies or news reports but for one family, this was incredibly real:

Bye-Bye House

THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. — Several people are cleaning up from extensive damage to their homes and cars in parts of Pierce and Thurston Counties after Saturday’s storm rolled through Western Washington.

Some of the worst damage affected a home near Olympia.

Dale Jodway said the winds were fairly calm when a massive fir tree cracked and fell onto his home at around 4 P.M. Saturday. It essentially split his home of 20 years into two pieces.

“We were just sitting in the back of the house watching TV and then this came through the front of the house,” Jodway said while placing tarps over parts of his roof. “We all stood up like ‘What’s that noise?’ And then is just crashed. Crashed right through the house.”

What happened to his home is especially difficult to comprehend considering the work they had just finished putting into the home over the summer, including a new paint job, a new fence around their back yard, and a remodeled bathroom.

Via: http://komonews.com/news/local/massive-fir-tree-falls-splits-thurston-county-home-in-half

It’s no secret that Mother Nature follows the beat of her own drum. She’s not easy to please and it can be difficult to predict her. For these poor people they thought things were fine until their house split in half.

The question then becomes: what happens now? Now what do you do when your house gets beat up by a tree?

We Can Rebuild It

Depending on how severe the damage is, you might be able to rebuild. If a branch takes out a window pane, that’s easily replaceable. If the trunk falls on the corner of the house you may also be able to rebuild it. However, as a tree split your home so neatly in half,  your options are limited.

There’s no question structure is compromised by something like this. So what does that mean for you? It might be in your better interest to just tear the house down and rebuild it. This involves a lot of work and a lot of businesses will need to come to your property. You’ve got tree removal companies, contractors, city officials, electricians, carpenters; it’s a lot to take on. In some instances you might be better off to just cut your losses and tear the place down. But you still need a place to live, don’t you? So what happens then?

Then you get to talk to your insurance company and see what kind of claim you can file. This is why it’s so important to have that insurance because you never know when nature is going to decide your house is a blot on their screen. Insurance is designed to protect you from situations like this. If you’re lucky and had the right coverage, you  might be able to get out of this with the down payment on a new home. Hopefully this time you can keep the destructive trees at bay.