Since the world is more aware right now of the repercussions of neglecting the environment, we start to realize just how crucial trees are to our life. We can’t just keep on ignoring the harsh realities we are facing because they are a product of our previous mistakes. Fortunately, we still have time to correct our errors and salvage what is there left for all of us. Tree planting is a great way to protect Mother Earth and reduce the effects of global warming and climate change. They are now unstoppable climatic forces that wreak havoc to our weather systems and makes living doubly harder especially once these natural systems act up.

So, why not start planting a tree now and see the world become populated by these lush vertical greens that once dominated the planet? Trees are the foundation of the world’s most important ecosystems. Aside from the oxygen it gives off, they supply us with many of the things we need in order to live. Hence, tree planting shouldn’t be brushed aside but should be taken seriously by every single one of us.

Many mistakes are made when the tree is planted, but often the problems do not appear until later.

It is important to know that tree roots grow outward, like the spokes of a wheel, rather than down. This allows the roots to gather water and nutrients from a larger area, and anchors the tree In all directions.

Tree roots also need air to thrive. Most of a tree’s roots grow no deeper than 18 inches.

When planting a potted tree the hole should be no deeper than the pot, but at least twice as wide as the diametre of the pot. If the roots are wound around they must be freed from the root ball and spread outward.

The tree should be planted no deeper than the level it was at in the pot – planted too deep, the roots will not get enough air. Remember that the soil will settle and you do not want the trunk of the tree in a depression where water can collect and cause the bark at the soil level to rot.


You may think planting a tree is an easy thing to do but it is not. You don’t just dig a hole and drop a seed and wait for it to grow. There are various factors you need to consider if you want your tree to grow at all. Even by just planting a single tree at a time, the world becomes a much better place to live in considering the rate of tree cutting loggers is doing now. It takes years for a tree to grow so tall and only a few minutes or hours to cut it down.

The biggest mistake people make while planting trees is planting them too deep or building mounds around the trunk.  If a trunk is below ground it will rot.  “Look for the root flair and make sure that is exposed,” he said.

Primeau also recommended that people keep staking to a minimum.  “I don’t like to stake the trees.  The wind will help train the tree to be strong and resistant to the wind,” he said.

Pruning is also important to understand. Most trees have a “central leader” that comes from the trunk.  If the central leader is pruned it can branch off into two or more central leaders, impacting the appearance of the tree.


We are not all gardeners who can pull-off magic tricks with plants. Learning these tips about tree planting can make a big difference to your success especially today when trees are needed more than ever. It can take a long while before a tree grows big and tall and capable of caring for itself, so plant the tree right and give it the time and care it needs during the first few years. For instance, trees less than a year old need more water than the ones already upright on the ground. Also, make sure the area is clear and free of obstruction especially from all tree stumps on the ground that has long been deceased. It may be quite bothersome to remove these chunky and heavy tree stumps on your own, so ask the help of the experts regarding to make sure your new tree grows up as it should be.