Not only humans suffer from climate change, other living things on this planet also suffer and endure the negative impact of global warming and climate change even if they have nothing to do with its hastening progress. Trees are silent and imposing figures in our environment but you might be surprised how much they likewise suffer, get hurt and even die because the severe changes in our environment and weather systems are so sudden and drastic that they sometimes fail to adapt and it can cost them their lives as well without us humans really knowing or maybe we simply just do not care. However, the statistics do not lie. There are countless tree casualties as climate change become a reality of our modern times and we experience one terrible disaster after another.

Our planet is becoming more and more inhospitable as the years go by and it is evident with the number of trees dying at an alarming rate. The hot temperature in itself makes the trees weaker and the accompanying long periods of drought continuously deprive them of the water they need to stay hydrated and healthy. It’s a sad reality in different parts of the country. Forests are filled with either dying or dead trees but it seems that this crisis is far from over as droughts are only expected to worsen and go on for long as the planet continues to get warmer.

Ponderosa pine and pinyon forests in the American West will die at an increasing rate as the world grows warmer, becoming less and less resilient when they are weakened by higher temperatures, according to new projections.

Although these forests now withstand short droughts, warming temperatures increasingly stress the forests, which means they will no longer survive the shorter droughts they once endured.

And future droughts will be hotter as the planet warms.

“We’re saying that if the climate warms a little more, things don’t get a little different, they get very different,” said Henry Adams, a plant biologist at Oklahoma State University and lead author of a new paper, published in Environmental Research Letters in a special edition of the journal titled “Focus on Tree Mortality in a Warming World.” “You get an acceleration in the rate of mortality.


Trees are suffering in silence because of negligent and abusive human behaviors that have accumulated over a short span of time. This phenomenon of trees dying because of global warming is not just happening in the United States but in different parts of the globe and it has been going on for decades. The changes we are seeing now are happening far quicker than they did in the past. It is just proof of how much damage we have incurred to the environment. The trees outside your homes are not the only ones at risk. Entire forest ecosystems struggle and the consequences are more life-changing. As we lose more trees and valuable rainforests and the wild that is the cradle of millions of species of organisms on the planet, our very existence is also threatened and is highly compromised and we have to act now before it is too late.

“The number of dead and dying trees has continued to rise, along with the risks to communities and firefighters if a wildfire breaks out in these areas,” said Randy Moore, Regional Forester of the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region. “It is apparent from our survey flights this year that California’s trees have not yet recovered from the drought, and remain vulnerable to beetle attacks and increased wildfire threat. The Forest Service will continue to focus on mitigating hazard trees and thinning overly dense forests so they are healthier and better able to survive stressors like this in the future.”

As Christmas fast approaches in the mountain area, it begs to ask if this season’s moisture will be of any help. About town, you can hear the buzz of worried citizens asking when the rain will come.

Their worry is rational.


Not only are extreme weather the only thing that poses a big threat to trees and the wildlife but random bizarre acts of nature like wildfires can quickly engulf acres upon acres of grassland, trees, rainforests, and even rural communities. The thing is we need more trees now than ever as our carbon output far exceeds what can only be tolerated by nature. These excess carbon emissions are trapped in the atmosphere that in turn contributes to the warming of the planet and the worsening of climate change, a terrible cycle to be in right now but is also our own doing, so we have no one else to blame for it.

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