It seems like all aspects of nature are in cahoots with each other. These wicked storms are sure to be fraying everyone’s nerves while giving us that much needed rain. The problem comes when evil storms take advantage of already weakened trees to wreak havoc on our lives. Strong winds and heavy rainfall are the harbingers of doom for many of our suffering trees. If you remember the drought we had, a lot of trees were weakened by such weather.

If we look at this like we look at human relationships. it’s like the storm is the unruly older kid who is trying to get the unsure younger kid to go along with their plan. The problem is: trees are falling for it:

The storms rolling in are living up to the hype. Heavy downpours and violent winds are spreading across the county.

“We have 170 weather stations and this one looks like a very significant weather system,” Brian D’Agostino said who is the Meteorology Program Manager at SDG&E.

CW6 was invited inside the weather intelligence center at SDG&E where they’re watching this storm’s every move, so they can respond quickly.

“We look at branches that could be dying and we go in and take care of those in advance,” he added.

These powerful gusts and already-saturated Earth are sure to bring down trees and power lines. Falling trees can also uproot gas lines.

“If you see lines down, always assume they’re live. Don’t touch them, call 911,” D’Agostino said.

And before you find yourself in the dark tonight, check flashlight batteries and if your power does go out, check SDG&E’s website for estimated restoration times.
“Just the other day, the waves were coming up over the pier. Just insane.”

The strongest winds will be along the coast. Lifeguards are ready. Swift water rescue teams and fire rescue crews are fully staffed and they’re begging you, obey all signs and barricades.

“Don’t try to walk through water. There could be hidden things underneath. It can be like a vacuum and suck you down,” Chris Webber said, who is the Assistant Chief of Emergency Services.

And if you’re inside your car, move to the roof if the water continues to rise.

Friday afternoon, the airport clocked wind gusts at 40 miles per hour. There are a number of cancellations, many airlines are waiving those change fees.

“It’s windy. Going to be difficult to drive, stay home if you can,” Assistant Chief Webber added.


See?! It’s madness out there. You’ve got to do yourself a favour and stay inside if you can. If you’ve got tree carcases littered across your lawn you could always call us to come help clear them up

Strong winds and trees are working together to take out the electrical lines leaving us in darkness:

Friday’s strong wind caused a live power line in Pacific Beach to go down causing it to spark and catch fire.

The power line fell after being struck by a tree, which also hit a car, but fortunately there were no injuries. San Diego police helped block the area while crews worked to restore power to the area and fix the problem.

SDG&E reported the downed power line line happened at 4611 Dawes Street and caused an outage just before 5 p.m., impacting 1240 customers. The outage was one of 12 going on as of 7p.m. Friday impacting close to 4,000 customers, according to SDG&E


It’s a dangerous time we’re in, friends. It’s important that you keep yourself and your family and friends safe. Don’t touch any downed lines and always assume they’re live. If you have trees on your property and haven’t been affected much by the storm yet, do an assessment and call in a professional for a removal or trimming