Stump Grinding And Removal

Stump grinding is completed with the use of a tree stump grinding machine. The stump grinding machine has a wheel that is lined with carbide tipped teeth that spin at high RPMs and can cut and grind the stump into small wood chips. You will have your stump removed from All Clear Tree Service and can use the wood chips however you wish to use them.

Most times, depending upon the circumstances of your tree stump and property, stump grinding is going to be completed 12 inches below the surface including any surface roots.  All Clear Tree Service has the equipment that can easily remove of both large and small tree stumps from your property.

Stump Removal

Believe it or not, over 30{423f907058a0277fb0318ca45753640366c3d8096e43c2275d4149671d48e938} of a tree is located under the ground. Tree stumps are the unseen portions of trees, which is the root system. The stump is where the trunk meets the root system. Tree stumps can either be dug out or ground out. If you do dig out tree stumps, it is going to be very labor intensive, as well as being very expensive, especially if you have medium to large size trees where the stumps need to be removed.

Stump Grinding

Most times, stumps are going to be removed by machine in a process called stump grinding. The machine is going to grind the stump with a cutter wheel that has carbide that has tipped teeth mounted on the edge of the wheel, which will turn the tree stump into mulch or wood chips that you can later use for landscaping needs. The larger the grinding machine, the faster and deeper the stump can be ground.

Large Grinders

Large stump grinders are going to have a 50 horse power diesel engine and are going to be able to grind up to 24 inches deep if need be. The larger grinders are very heavy, many of them weighing over 2,000 pounds. These larger grinders will have to be towed by full-size pickup trucks.

Small Grinders

Small stump grinders are self-propelled machines that weigh close to 500 pounds.  The small tree stump grinders are small enough to go through gates and even climb steps. If you have hard to access tree stumps, the small grinders are great. Two downsizes to smaller tree stump grinders are that they have a smaller horse power of 25 and a smaller cutter wheel. When using small grinders, the amount of time to grind the tree stump is going to be increased. The smaller grinders also can only go between six to eight inches unground the ground.

All Clear Tree Service have large and small grinders to serve all of your tree stump grinding and removal needs.


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