Dying Trees

How Climate Change Changes The Planet’s Landscape

It is no longer a secret now, climate change is a reality of our times. It is not just a speculation or a prediction but something that has landed on this planet years ago. People these days struggle in adjusting to the erratic weather and seasons that aren’t what they used to be, so it is everyone’s responsibility to educate themselves about climate change and what else we can do to prevent it from worsening. We have no choice, after…

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Trees Are Dying ‘Coz Of Climate Change

Not only humans suffer from climate change, other living things on this planet also suffer and endure the negative impact of global warming and climate change even if they have nothing to do with its hastening progress. Trees are silent and imposing figures in our environment but you might be surprised how much they likewise suffer, get hurt and even die because the severe changes in our environment and weather systems are so sudden and drastic that they sometimes fail…

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