Trees Suffer In Silence During Summer

We all know that the world is round, right? Even young kids know that. And as such, the season changes depending on what part of the world you are in. All seasons have their pros and cons and you’d likely complain about it when you’re experiencing it and missing it once the season changes. Well, humans can be so fickle sometimes and it is a normal part of human nature. But have we tried looking past our own interests and…

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Trees Dry Up During The Hot Summer Months

Trees are living things as well like us humans. They have needs that must be met in order to grow and thrive in an increasingly inhospitable planet. It also means that they get affected too by a myriad of factors that likewise affects human beings. The climate, pollution, human activities, etc. all make survival doubly harder for every single one of us. Imagine yourself suffering from the extreme heat at this time of the year. You are not alone. Trees…

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