Only a few have a high interest in gardening. Other content themselves in looking at gorgeous flowers and scenery rather than get their hands dirty. However, it takes time and effort to have a beautiful garden. You choose the plants to plant and devote your time and attention to caring for it. It is not just simply watering them regularly but removing the bothersome weeds and cultivating it too. It is why most people avoid it altogether and reason out that they do not have a green thumb or the knack for gardening like some people do.

In reality, you don’t always have to be gifted with a green thumb in order to have your own garden. Aside from that, you aren’t always required to plant blooms and other flowering plants because you can have a herbal garden instead or whatever you like it to be. The warmth of the summer sun may be a problem for some but it actually is a good time to go pruning and planting because the sky is clear, the perfect weather to be out and about. Of course, avoid doing it in the midday sun or you’ll end up with sunburnt skin and dehydrated from the heat. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon would be perfect for doing some garden work and it is a great way to pass the time too and have the young ones involved since school is over.

Most all of us have lawns that we have been busy mowing all summer, but when it is hot and dry avoid mowing close to the ground.  There is no need to bag clippings if you cut the lawn often enough to keep them from accumulating.  Clippings left in place nourish the soil and reduce the need for nitrogen fertilizer.

Water plants that make berries, such as yaupon, burford hollies, and pyracantha.  They need water to ensure a good crop of fruit this fall.  Azaleas and camellias set their buds in late summer and also benefit from deep watering now and during fall dry periods.

Continue to set out transplants of warm-weather annuals to fill the gaps of color this fall.  Marigolds, zinnias, celosias, begonias, and geraniums can provide blooms until frost.  Water well the first few days after transplanting, and then weekly as needed.


Think of gardening not as a laborious task but as an enjoyable activity that can take your mind off of your worries even for a while and at the same time help you appreciate the small things in life. Perhaps it has been a while since you were able to appreciate how beautiful a day is because you are busy with a lot of things but gardening can open your eyes to things that are also important. Let us not forget that this planet is our only home and we need to contribute in saving it in our own little ways.

Deadhead your flowering plants

“Those can be annuals or perennials,” she says. “By offering that to those plant materials, they’ll continue to give a beautiful bloom for you.”

Pull Weeds

“A few things to remember this time of year is to go ahead and pull weeds,” Jackson says. “A lot of the weeds that we’re seeing right now are perennial weeds, and they really put on a bold showing this time of year.”

Order Spring Flowering Bulbs

“I look to order my bulbs that are coming in this fall,” Jackson says. “You know, there’s always limited quantities on bulbs and if you’ve got a flower that you’d like to see grow in your garden next spring that is a bulb-type planting, you definitely want to get the order put together.”


At times, you may need to clear up space in your yard like an old dying or rotting tree that is not only a pain to look at but eats up precious space in your yard. Have it removed by experts like so that you can finally realize that dream garden of yours once and for all. Take advantage of the warm weather and start cultivating your land so that trees and plants can grow with ease. Heed the tips of experts on the do’s and don’ts of gardening and you won’t have a hard time transforming your lifeless space into a pleasant atmosphere filled with lush greens and scented blooms that are teeming with life.