It might come as a surprise to some people that trees can live for hundreds, even thousands, of years. If you think about it, old_tree_breeze_quetly_trees used to cover vast expanses of land until they were cleared so people could live or farm there. However, there are still trees here and there that have lived for hundreds of years. If they could talk, it would be interesting to hear what they have to say.

There are times, however, when a tree becomes a danger to those around it. This is when finding the right professional is key to solving any kind of tree-based danger.

Removing a Relic

SAN DIEGO – Several residents were angered Monday morning as they watched crews remove a 73-year-old Torrey pine in Ocean Beach.

Earlier this month, city officials said the tree at 4652 Saratoga Ave. was in danger of falling, but opponents contended the city hadn’t adequately explained why it had to be taken down.

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The city of San Diego then put off its plan to remove the Torrey pine after an Ocean Beach woman climbed the tree  and stayed there to prevent the removal attempt.

“We originally had scheduled this tree removal for August 5th and then we took another try on August 12th.  The longer were waited the more of a risk this was that it could fail,” said Jeremy Barrick, the City of San Diego’s Urban Forestry Planning Manager, “

Community members later suspended their fight to save the tree after consulting an independent arborist who concluded the tree is not healthy enough to be saved.

“We trust him. He said it needs to come down and so we trust him. We are all okay with that,” said Jamie Holcomb who lives on Saratoga Avenue.

However, others in the community still disagree with the removal.

“The failing condition of the tree is directly as a result of the neglect, improper maintenance and the unqualified tree service that was subcontracted through the City of San Diego,” Friends of Peninsula Trees – a recently formed non-profit group – said in a press release.

According to the City’s Master Arborist, the tree trunk will be sculpted into benches around the city along with other pieces of art. Crews will also leave pieces of the trees to residents along the street.

The Torrey pine was adjacent to two other large Torrey pine trees which were removed after one of this winter’s El Niño storms caused them to uplift and actively fail.


What This Means For You

While it’s never a fun thing to see a legend die, sometimes it’s necessary. You can’t count on a tree to grow straight forever and there are times when selective trimming doesn’t really help matters either. Pay attention to the trees of all kinds that are living around your home. You are able to ensure that they live long, healthy lives if you continue to make sure that they grow healthy and keep their reach from extending into power lines and other areas of concern.

Let yourself be proud of the 200-year-old tree that occupies your backyard or even the seedling that you planted with your children. We all need trees to continue to filter our air and provide us with healthy oxygen so we can, you know, function.