If humans are complaining about the heat, do you think other living things on the planet aren’t just as affected? Most of the time we only think about ourselves that we forget that other species living on the planet suffer just like us. What are they? Trees and plants, they all have to endure the heat and chill and everything else the elements throw at them as if they have any choice over the matter. The erratic weather makes it even worse as they have nothing to use to shield themselves from the rain, wind, sun, etc. However, their very existence also makes a world of difference to how well the planet copes to human abuse and misuse of earth’s resources.

If you want to do something right, plant trees that can survive the sweltering heat of summer. Plant trees and plants that require little watering and attention. It is a misconception that all plants require the same amount of care and attention. Some are less demanding and can survive with little water even for days at a time. And best of all, you add more green to the planet when it is needed the most. When you look around you, you’ll see more concrete landscapes than natural ones and some kids haven’t even seen certain plant and tree species because there is no room for them in the bustling city.

Sedums and succulents need “moderate” water, not “no” water. This means that if they are growing in the hot sun in a small pot or sandy soil, they could dry out in as soon as two days. Plants in the ground can spread out their roots and find moisture but plants in small pots dry out quickly — even sedums.

The key to happy sedums and succulents is good drainage, bright sun light and water as soon as the soil has dried out. Sedums do not need full sun and prefer morning sun and afternoon shade.

They do store water in their fleshy leaves, so they can survive if you occasionally skip a watering. But the sedums that require the least amount of water are those planted in the ground with established root systems.

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Choose sedums and succulents that can thrive well despite the rising temperature. They bring life to any space with the pop of green from them and they obviously help in cooling the temperature as well. They require little upkeep and is perfect for all busy city dwellers who juggle so much with their time. Watering it moderately is enough to keep these plants alive. They need not be exposed to sunlight all the time as well, so you can just let them be in a certain spot in your home and enjoy its beauty and the coolness it offers.


What’s better than having a house full of plants during the summertime? Having a houseplant that can also cure your sunburn.

Aloe plants are succulents that come in various colors and sizes ranging from a couple of inches to 30-feet tall. This plant loves the sun and does well in dry climates. In the summer months, Apartment Therapy recommends soaking the plant thoroughly but allowing it to completely dry in between waterings.

ZZ Plant

This waxy and shiny plant consists of oval-shaped leaves and a thick stem that feathers out toward the ends. Good news for you: It’s considered as nearly indestructible and thrives when it’s left alone.

While the ZZ plant does best with indirect sunlight, it can survive just fine in a shady corner of a room. If you’re forgetful and miss a couple days of watering, this plant usually doesn’t take notice since it requires very little watering, according to the Independent.

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Of course, while these plants require little attention and watering, it does not mean that they don’t need your care at all. Especially during the first year, don’t neglect them as they can die on you too. They may be more enduring than most plants and trees but they need sunlight, water, and some sort of attention for them to thrive and be able to fend for themselves. Once fully grown, even individuals without a green thumb can grow them at home and not end up killing these plants in the process.

Think of these plants when growing greens at home. They can be your own contribution to supporting the planet’s healing from all the things it has to endure now. Pollution is at its highest and resources are fast depleting. We can all pitch in and add more green even if the weather is such a bummer.

Meanwhile, for trees with troublesome branches, hire professionals like https://www.allcleartree.com/trimming to have them trimmed rather than cut altogether. It is a better and far more acceptable solution rather than planting a new tree in its wake.