When you think about it, trees have been on the planet far longer than us humans. They have witnessed how the world has evolved and they are still here until today although their numbers are fast depleting. Irresponsible and often illegal human activities lead to massive deforestation that is gradually changing the planet’s landscape. We can’t afford to lose any more trees as they provide us with oxygen which humans need the most in order to survive. Aside from that, trees are also a great resource for a variety of things we now use in our daily lives from furniture to the food we eat.

Increasing urbanization requires more space for buildings, residential lots, and for commercial infrastructures. Cities are getting bigger and it means clearing out more space in the suburbs and even in farther places to accommodate progress in itself. As a result, trees have to be cut to give the space that builders need. But rather than cutting them down and disposing of these cut-down trees like trash, why not have them transplanted instead. This will take more planning and preparation than usual but it means saving hundreds to thousands of trees that take years to grow but gone in an instant because we want more space for our growing population.

Over 5,000 trees are proposed to be cut in various areas of south Mumbai to pave way for the Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ Metro line III project.

The committee was today informed by one of the petitioners, Zoru Bathena, that till June this year, around 800 trees have been uprooted and transplanted in various areas in suburban Mumbai, of which 583 trees have not shown any signs of survival.

The committee sought to know from MMRCL what steps it was taking to ensure that the trees survive and what measures it would take while transplanting the uprooted trees.

(Via: https://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/take-utmost-care-to-ensure-transplanted-trees-survive-hc-to-118070501038_1.html)

Not only in the US but also in other countries, deforestation is a big problem but the locals are stepping up to protect nature from suffering too much. Transplanting is one of the solutions they have identified. The trees may need to give way to modernization but they still find a new home somewhere. It is not yet the end for them and they continue to nurture human life in its own little ways. In this case, trees are cut to enhance the existing transportation system but citizens are adamant that trees be transplanted so it is a win-win case for both sides.

Green activists won praise from local residents for successfully transplanting uprooted trees in the port township despite the authorities turning a blind eye to the issue.

“Two banyan trees were uprooted near Madhuban three days ago following a nor’wester. We waited two days for government agencies to either remove the uprooted trees or transplant those. But they turned a blind eye. Later, we resolved to give the trees a new life by transplanting those,” said a green activist Ayashkant Ray.

“We managed to save six uprooted trees by transplanting those in the past and that experience came in handy. We mobilised excavators and manpower, and have formed a group of youngsters to protect the town’s green cover,” he said.

(Via: https://www.telegraphindia.com/states/odisha/residents-save-trees-246131)

At times, it takes brave individuals to make such drastic actions like these even if the local government does nothing about it. The balance in the world must be maintained. We can’t just keep on pushing for progress when the environment suffers. Kudos to people who go the extra mile in saving as many trees as they can from death and ensuring they survive in their new home. It is a collaborative effort that can’t be done by one person alone. If ever you come across a similar problem in your community, the same thing can also be done so nothing is really compromised in our quest for a better and more modern life.

Not all the time, though, your tree needs to be cut. If certain branches cause a problem, have them trimmed by experts like https://www.allcleartree.com/trimming rather than have the entire tree cut down. Your home will need the extra shade, after all, with the summer season in full swing and the heat sure to make living these days doubly challenging.